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Jdugancpa (talk|edits) said:

8 December 2006
Tim, how about making two changes to make navigation in the forum a little easier. On the left hand side "navigation" box, below "Discussion Forums", have a direct link to each of the other forums so that you can jump directly there rather than having to travel upstream and then back downstream to the other forum. Secondly, at both the top and the bottom of the discussion, add buttons for "Next discussion" and "Previous discussion" so that, if one is so inclined, you can jump from one thread to the next without having to travel upstream to the main page before going to the next topic. Thanks.

Tdoyle (talk|edits) said:

December 9, 2006

Great ideas... I think I can implement the first idea - I did a quick test earlier today and it didn't work as I intended, so I backed it out till I have more time to look at it. As for the second idea, that's going to take a bit more to implement. The problem is that the system doesn't have a built-in way to determine what the 'next' discussion is. Also keep in mind that as users edit discussions, that list is constantly changing as well. Thanks for the ideas though! I'll see what we can do.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 18:24, 8 December 2006 (CST)

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