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Actionbsns (talk|edits) said:

5 February 2014
I just did a search for mobility scooter information and in the results found a couple of interesting items I don't recall seeing in the past. There were two articles having nothing to do with taxes, one was about stairs for disabled people and the other a related topic. Both articles mention mobility scooters within the article so I'm thinking that's why they popped up. So is that where spammers are posting stuff so they might get something out of hacking away at TA? The articles were dated in late 2013. If so, that makes more sense than just having their names on a list. That's not to say I want them to keep doing that, but it's a more logical reason.

Trillium (talk|edits) said:

6 February 2014
Yes, the spammers were making thousands of posts each day, adding lots of text to articles and to user pages - and occasionally to discussions, too. The process of getting rid of all that spam is going to be a lengthy oneā€¦ Tim can program his bots to do quite a few cool maintenance things, but some of the spammy stuff isn't always easy to distinguish (some of them contain excerpts of the good pages on the site, for example, which helps them "pass").

Here's an example - one of the spam articles that comes up if you search on "mobility" can be tracked back (via the "history" tab) to a user who also made all of these spam posts: contribution list for a sample spammer. I've already deleted that user's spam article(s), so this sample list is now 100% user page spam. This spam on user pages may be less apparent in general use of the site, but it's still there and would come up in search results if your settings include user pages. And it certainly bogged down the site performance while that was all getting posted.

Here's an example from another spammer who had a higher % of spam articles vs spam user pages: contribution list #2.

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