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Discussion:Registering in other States

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Poplar (talk|edits) said:

12 January 2006
Question for the group,

Are you registering in other states (in addition to your home state, of course) as a non-resident tax preparer? Art Berkowitz ( done a great job of preparing a spreadsheet of States that require registration, but it just doesn't seem reasonable, for example, for me to register with New York State at a cost of $345 to prepare 3 tax returns. Sure I can add that to my clients bill, but then I may lose a client (plus the hassle of registration). Any comments appreciated.

PGattoCPA (talk|edits) said:

13 January 2006
I saw this last month and I think it's a good start. However, without looking at the relevant state statutes, I think you should be careful about applying for a license that you may not be required to have.

For instance, I can see a state saying you need to be licensed if you are preparing the return of a resident taxpayer. However, if you are preparing a non-resident return because your client happens to be invested in a partnership with nexus in that state, then I think the state would be hard-pressed to make that fly.

Art's schedule does not differentiate between services performed for residents versus services performed for non-residents. However, as I said above it is a good start and brings the issue to the attention of professionals who should now look at the relevant statutes of the states that are applicable to their practice.

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