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Growthguy2 (talk|edits) said:

5 January 2011
Hi everyone. I recently joined the forum and began setting up my profile on the User Page. However, later I began looking at other user profiles and noted many without any identifying information. I do not see any reason to withhold that information. Is there any reason to be concerned about identifying information? I appreciate the thoughts from any experienced users.

Secondly, how do I insert the community and designation information on my profile?

Thanks for your help!

Trillium (talk|edits) said:

5 January 2011
Some people are more concerned about online privacy, some are more interested in the possible reputation-building from putting name and contact info online, and most fall somewhere in the middle. Up to you. The most important thing to get into the user page is something about your level of experience/background as a tax pro, since many people here use that to tailor their responses (e.g., more cites/court cases/depth for more experienced users, more pubs and overviews for people who will get more from that level of response).

FAQ #18 has info on adding the community and designation info to your user page.

CrowJD (talk|edits) said:

6 January 2011
If you've ever had someone take a shot at you or had a jealous husband come after you, then you'll know the value of privacy.

It's up to you. Most of us are quiet on here to protect our innocence, and not because we're guilty. Having said that, I'm a lover not a fighter, and I've never been able to resist a new girlfriend and I don't like to stay in one place long enough to be garnished for child support.

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