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Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

26 January 2014
As the peace doves that two children released in the name of the Pope took to the air in flight recently, they were set upon by other birds and eaten alive in front of a crowd of millions.

One nun claimed that the birds (Italian hawks) were trained by a secret Green Shoe cell in Rome. She swears that all the male hawks had beards. An older spectator speculated that the hawks were trained to attack by a group of smart aleck Atheists from the Milan area.

It's far more likely that the hawks were just doing what they were born to do..which was to eat lunch when they got hungry. Rational Geographic was on hand (the company that specializes in filming animals having sex or eating each other), and they plan to rush a video into production for Public TV.

The Pope was upbeat about the whole affair saying that he had a whole coop full of doves and he would try the peace release again on another day (after having all hawks in the area shot dead). The children were traumatized and are being prayed over by 12 male cardinal birds.

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