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Discussion:PA local

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Newby1 (talk|edits) said:

11 January 2007
We file many locals in our area. Does anyone have an idea on how to do multiple locals for one taxpayer?

The system only has 1 local listed.

This could be an individual that lived in 2 or more municipalities during the year.

I know that you can do 1, delete it and do another. Client instruction letter would not show both.

Death&Taxes (talk|edits) said:

11 January 2007
This can also happen when HAB collects the township tax and Central Tax or someone else collects the School District tax for one address. Frankly I prefer to do these by hand. HAB even has two lines for addresses and taxing districts at the top so one should be able to do someone who moves on one form, if HAB is the collector at both locations. I have never been impressed with Proseries local taxes, and for a real laugh, check out the Philadelphia School Tax where your client will pay tax on bank interest that is not taxable, and rental income that is reported on the Phila business returns. Then, of course, there are places like Berks County, which used to put in large black letters, 'DO NOT ROUND OFF'.....tell that to Intuit. Sorry I can't help.

Deback (talk|edits) said:

January 11, 2007
I had the same problem with Lansing non-residents last year. ProSeries included rental income on page 2 as taxable income, so I had to reprint the form in the cases when I forgot to check for software errors. I think there was another problem with Lansing NR but can't recall right now what it was. I just hope these problems have been fixed this year.

John of PA (talk|edits) said:

11 January 2007
These local taxes are just going to get more complex. Some PA Local municpalities (after 2007) are going to start collecting an income tax based on the PA State taxable wages (not only earned income). I would expect the software companies will be strugglling with this. Manual backup makes total sense. Lacerte did not even do the local return until 2003. But overall, I do the local returns on Lacerte and it works out, could be better, but OK.

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