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Discussion:Oh, Atlanta aka Chamblee

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Death&Taxes (talk|edits) said:

11 September 2006
Reading Kendrick's response to my answer on IRS notices, I wondered if anyone else has noticed the black hole of Atlanta and CP-2000 notices. They give a fax number, but it often never works. I tried to Fedex documents to the Chamblee address only to have Fedex tell me the Zipcode is not valid in their world. Three cases ended in Deficiency notices despite submission of detailed information. Is Kenneth Corbin, the name on the notices, real? Is it just me? Anyone else having problems.

BottomLine (talk|edits) said:

12 September 2006
Boy have I got a story on a CP-2000!! Client got letter saying 2003 return had understated income and they owed $3,500. Client actually pulled her copy of the return. The numbers the IRS had were from the wrong column on the return. Paper return and it appears that the IRS clerical entered it wrong. Client then called me. She faxed me the CP-2000 and I said I would write a letter for her signature and get it to her in a couple of days. Client went out that night to play bingo. When she got home, her husband was dead. He had a heart attack and was dead before he hit the floor. Of course the IRS was the last thing on her mind. A couple of weeks later, she remembered the IRS letter. Since her response to their letter was late, she called the IRS to say she would mail the response letter. The woman at the IRS said, "Never mind. The letter was sent in error." Now - would the husband still be alive if they hadn't gotten an incorrect CP-2000?

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