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Spell Czech (talk|edits) said:

30 March 2014
I suspect this might not be the time or the place to start whining about ObamaCare but TaxAlmanac is one of the few places I know of that has intelligent, sympathetic professionals who will take a moment to empathize with some of us who are struggling with real world things other than income taxes...

The several and various applications for ObamaCare are technical disasters. Maryland has just recently dumped its $125M (one hundred and twenty-five million dollars!) system and is replacing it with something they begged or borrowed from Connecticut. For example.

And here's just another example that really gets my goat: The DC exchange webpage application instructions - there's a mouthful - don't understand the difference between a "Net Paycheck" and "Net Self-employment Income". What a disaster. There's a box where the applicant is instructed to enter his/her/its "Net Self-employment Income" but the instructions insist that the entry has to be the Gross, not the Net, because the instructions were written by inexperienced teenagers, perhaps ones who grew up in a society and culture other than ours. What a disaster. And the American-speaking live-person telephone helpline [167-minute estimated waiting period, nauseating hold music] doesn't know, understand, can't explain the difference, either. What a disaster.

UFB. A nightmare. I'm not talking about the legislation, the politics, the national impact on our economy or our health care system. I'm talking about one entry for one applicant in one box in one state's application... An entry that I understand because I tracked the definition of "Household Income" back through the legislation all the way to the Internal Revenue Code.

What they're looking for is your AGI, which includes *gross* salary/wages but *net* self-employment income. But the instructions don't know that, and don't explain that, and... and it just rankles me. What does "rankle" mean? I need a drink. I'm happy to say that there's not a firearm in my home, because... uh...

Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

31 March 2014
SC, the President's team, "Team Obama" did not follow through on the implementation of the AFA, or AFCA or what have you. I would imagine that the President (Mr. President) doesn't follow through on his golf swing or his tennis swing either.

Yes, the tax preparers got stuck with the actual implementation of a lot of this stuff, and you guys were left with a lot of loose strings that simply will not tie, but let us remember that the Congress actually wrote this law. All the President did was make sure the whole thing was good for the insurance companies and the big pharmaceutical companies, and then he bowed out of the nitty gritty of it all.

The NSA is actually our only government agency that sort of works, by that I mean that their computers work. They work so good that no one has the time, and certainly not the sense, to analyze the information that they vacuum up each day. Then the DOD's computers sort of work a little, and then the IRS's computers sort of work a little less. Other than that, there is not a single government agency that can do better than a laptop (of the latest model, of course) and they are all programmed NOT to work at all.

The only real humans left to deal with this mess are the tax preparers. The law was well intentioned, especially the expansion of Medicaid, but again, the present Administration (which is far from being Leftist or liberal) must bear most of the blame for not getting more involved in the legislative process and for their grossly negligent implementation of the law.

Tax Writer (talk|edits) said:

31 March 2014
The CA website was down last night. Still no working link for small business plans.

That being said, my family health coverage will be much lower using the new plans, (my son has pre-existing conditions) and no insurer can drop us now. All I have to do is manage my personal income, which is very easy when you have a C Corp.

Amazingly, I will save more money this year by paying myself a smaller payroll, getting on a cheaper insurance plan, and paying corporate tax while retaining some earnings. It takes a crazy amount of year-round tax planning, but the savings are worth it.

NMexEA (talk|edits) said:

31 March 2014
I am having to leave State employment after eighteen years. Not QUITE retirement eligible (or ready). I thank whatever gods there be for Obamacare because without it, I could never get insurance except COBRA which would cost hundreds more per month and expires in a year and a half.

Captcook (talk|edits) said:

31 March 2014
The biggest inequity I'm seeing are folks with volatile incomes. If 2013 was a down year, they represent their income and are told they can't get an exchange policy because they have to go on Medicaid. These are folks that have some cash flow and don't want to be on Medicaid, but their income dictates they must enroll in that program. They are told that if they represent a higher income to get on the exchange and their actual income falls into the Medicaid range, they will have to pay back the entire credit they received. I've seen a disconnect between intent and implementation, but this legislation is unprecedented in this respect.

Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

1 April 2014
It is was a Frankenstein of a bill. Is that how you spell Frankenstein? I don't know.

We won't get our health care costs under control until we can beat back the insurance company combine and the pharmaceutical syndicate...and the Affordable Care Act merely left the (awful) status quo intact in regards those two shady, and costly industries.

We need single payor, one day we will have it, but we Americans insist on doing things the hard way. One thing some (note I said "some") on the Right need to remember is that if they repeal the bill, they will not repeal the underlying problem. "NO!" will not be enough in the end.

Wiles (talk|edits) said:

9 April 2014
Just got the biggest Form 8960 tax of the year, today, for one of my clients. $29K. Woo dog!!! One step closer to revenue neutral.

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