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Actionbsns (talk|edits) said:

27 January 2014
I had an e-mail this morning from the IRS, supposedly, and it was sent to about twenty others with similar e-mail addresses, had a very official looked IRS logo and was from "TaxPro_PTIN@irs.gov". It informed me that my payment had been declined and I should "Click Here" to get the issue fixed, it also indicated that the payment in question was for $7500. My first thought was that's a really expensive PTIN, Then when I looked more closely, it doesn't really mention the PTIN, the hacker just has it in his e-mail address.

Harry Boscoe (talk|edits) said:

27 January 2014
A while back, IRS published this:

"Unwanted solicitations"
"Legitimate IRS emails regarding PTIN issues are sent from two email addresses: irs@service.govdelivery.com and TaxPro_PTIN@irs.gov. The IRS is aware of malicious emails attempting to spoof these email addresses. Pay careful attention to whether an email is actually from one of these addresses. If you feel that you have received a suspicious phishing email, follow the directions found here."

It sure *looks like* the same email address. If it is, it's a dangerously emailicious spoof-and-phish and if it's criminal I would like to see somebody answer for it in court. Where are the authorities on this? All the techies and modern innovative online stuff we have and there's no *prosecutions* for this? Heads should roll.

Are you sure it's a spoof, Action?

And I'm really tired of telemarketers, too. They're lucky I don't know where they live....

Captcook (talk|edits) said:

27 January 2014
I'm more fired up about the insurance ads I keep getting because my email is registered through the PTIN system. I work for a firm and don't need E&O insurance. I also get enough spam. I don't need it from a website to which I am required to register.

Actionbsns (talk|edits) said:

27 January 2014
Harry, unless they've seriously upped the ante on the price of PTIN renewal, yes, it's a phishing scam. I paid $65 to renew my PTIN and that check cleared the bank in December. I've never sent in a check for $7500 that didn't clear the bank. Also the fact that the same e-mail was sent to about twenty other addresses similar to mine indicates a phishing scam.

Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

30 January 2014
Anyone that would fall for such rubbish should be stripped of their designation. Get to the root of the problem: get your Emails up, and just start deleting them willy nilly. You'll find that most people don't care in the least bit that they are ignored, and that they have often forgotten what the wrote earlier anyway.

The motto should be: Delete First, Ask Questions Later. '

Nilodop (talk|edits) said:

30 January 2014
Gazoo, I hope you haven't been deleting the emails that inform you of the way you can get millions from the estate or unclaimed bank accounts of a Nigerian prince or count or….

Death&Taxes (talk|edits) said:

30 January 2014
I received this from PTIN.org

"When Tax Season is over, take a vacation you will never forget.

PTIN.ORG has partnered with Classic Escapes to arrange a once-in-a-lifetime travel experience for PTIN registrants.

You deserve something special after working as hard as you do. NO Continuing Education - Just Fun! YOU DESERVE IT!

Alaska, Argentina, China, Costa Rica, India, Israel, Kenya and Turkey."

Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

31 January 2014
I will delete a message from the President of the United States (I deleted two Bushes, and an Obama just last week) as easily as I will one from a bill collector or from the man who always tries to make excuses for screwing up the delivery of my bottled water jugs.

You can never go wrong by hitting the delete button. Disable your trash can and click the button that says: skip trash and shred immediately.

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