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Chris2lane (talk|edits) said:

6 February 2007
Thankfully I caught this before many returns have been finalized, but I found a little nuance with the NJ 1040. On page 2, the state of NJ want you put a "X" on line 36b if you were a homeowner as of 10/01/06. I overlooked this box on a couple of returns and ProSeries does not alert you to it when running a return review. I only noticed it when I was reading over NJ 1040 printed package. In bold, it states "NEW" for 2006 taxes. But it does not show up anywhere in the ProSeries software. I'm not exactly sure what would happen if the return was filed and that box was not checked. I contacted the state and have not received a response yet.

Deback (talk|edits) said:

February 6, 2007
It's in the Michigan program, too, and nothing will happen if you don't check the box. In the Michigan program, it's only to tell the program if the taxpayer is a homeowner, renter, or mobile home resident, with a QuickZoom button to get to the property tax/rent credit worksheet. I think it's probably the same for NJ. So, this is not a state requirement but part of the program worksheets.

Fredcampo (talk|edits) said:

February 27, 2007
I use ProSeries and have previously asked that this software problem be corrected. The program defaults to the NO box on line 7 which is not always the case. In addition, the sotware should auto fill the address and rent amounts as this same info already exists elesewhere on the NJ 1040. This Homestead Rebate section must be completed in order for the taxpayer to receive the rebate. Unfortunately, ProSeries doesn't include this necessary question on their Info Worksheet.

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