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Actionbsns (talk|edits) said:

9 January 2014
I know I've complained bitterly about this in the past and today I just sent a scathing response to Intuit on one of those pop up screens that says "Oops! we're sorry this didn't work and now the program is being turned off. Please tell us what you were doing when it happened so we can fix it" Seriously! Intuit if you can't make the MAC to PC back up work consistently and reliably just tell us that it's going to be problem and it's probably better not to even try.

I've been working now for two days trying to get two different back ups to work in QB V.2012, 2011 and just now V. 2013. There seems to be some problem with an "ND" file and I know I've had that problem in the past. Has anyone else been able to fix this? I searched Bing, but there's just nothing there except instructions on how to do a back up, which we've followed to the letter, twice. Just as it looks like it's finishing a message pops up stating that "An item could not be copied". I really don't think an Item in QB should be much of a problem, I can always add it.

I have one client who got so frustrated with the MAC to PC problems of running QB that he bought a cheap little PC laptop because he can now run the payroll and provide me with backups easier.

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