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Natalie (talk|edits) said:

November 1, 2013
Is anyone having problems renewing Lacerte within the discount period (10/31/13)? Intuit started pushing the renewal for 2014 in July, well before I had even half of my 2012 returns done. At that time I received a quote for two sets of the program. I called and was told it was fixed. Then yesterday, when I went to pay for it, I noticed it is still set for two, and there's no way for me to change it.

I put in an online service request but haven't heard from them yet. Of course, now the office and online chat are closed. It sure seems like their service has gone downhill.

Date stamp is November 1, but it's only 3:30 p.m. October 31 here.

Joan TB (talk|edits) said:

1 November 2013
I renewed mine on-line on October 28th with no problem. I wait until the last minute because, like you, I am up to my eyeballs with extended returns and have no patience with planning for next season until I get THIS season done. I also see no reason to pay WAY early just to get a $75 discount. So I always do it at the last minute. Sorry to hear about your problems - hope you get them resolved. It makes it hard for you to CALL Lacerte with the Hawaii time difference.

One of the reasons I waited until Oct 28th was because my precious granddaughters (ages 5 & 7, who live in Hawaii) arrived on October 11th for their annual visit and I wanted to spend all my time with them. Well, all my time except for Saturday, October 12th when I was doing the last of the returns literally through my tears - feeling sorry for myself for having to be at work. But got finished that day, except for one new client that I let go delinquent (working on that "box of crap" now) so I was at home the rest of their stay.

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