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StanCPA (talk|edits) said:

27 January 2007
I was wondering what users think about the Lacerte Schedule D input. I

personally would like to see a couple of changes:

1)I don't like the fact that the input field for "QUANTITY" (for quantity of shares sold) is before the "DESCRIPTION" field. On the few returns that I have done thus far I start typing the description in the quantity field. Has anyone had this happen? The keying in of data doesn't flow well.

2)The other thing I would like to see changed is to NOT have "Expenses of Sale" input field be on the grid. Instead I would rather see a "Gain <Loss>" box in its place. I don't use the "Expense of Sale" field for tha majority of Schedule D entries and always want to know the gain or loss on sale on a per line basis and would like to see a grand total for the net result of the "Gain <Loss>" column. This would seem to be a much better use of the space and more meaningful. It would give the information users need to know without having to go to FORMS and then clicking on Schedule D to see the results. The results would already be calculated on the input screen for Schedule D. The "Expense of Sale" field can just be listed down below the grid where Form 4797 entries are keyed in.

Does anyone agree with this? Thanks for your feedback.

Stan DiLiberto, CPA, CFP Seal Beach, CA

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