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StanCPA (talk|edits) said:

27 January 2007
Would anyone like to have the ability to enter business automobile expense information only once and then be able to allocate the expense to multiple schedules?

Example: 37.26% to schedule C#1, 19.23% to Schedule E #2 and the balance to Schedule A?

The only way this is possible now with the Lacerte software is to key in the same data three different times with each pointing to a different schedule. Why not enter data only once and then allocate it? This would eliminate client's confusion about why they have to enter their business automobile expenses three different times in the client organizer.

Does anyone agree with this enhancement? If so, please respond saying so and also enter your feedback via the software by clicking HELP then click SUBMIT PRODUCT FEEDBACK.

Thanks for your response.

Stan DiLiberto, CPA, CFP Seal Beach, CA

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