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Scottcpa22 (talk|edits) said:

3 December 2013
I have one employee at this time and last week her check was paid by Intuit but I had Insufficient funds in my account. The electric company got paid $6,000 instead of $600. I got it squared away at the bank. Intuit redebited my account yesterday for the payroll check amount $185 and also charged me $100 NSF. Now they tell me I can't process my clients payrolls for 5 days. I have been waiting hours to hear back from the Risk Department if they can waive to hold period. The only thing they are risking is losing me as a client. I could understand if it was a substantial amount but seriously Intuit is going to cost me losing clients for $185. Does anyone know who I can contact to get this resolved today so I can run payroll? I seriously don't know how they can legally lock me out of the account. I paid my subscription. I can see maybe locking me out of doing direct deposit but I can't even calculate payroll to hand write checks. This has really ruined my day.

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