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EasternPA (talk|edits) said:

8 December 2010
I appreciate having the IRC on this site, but it seems there are pieces missing. For example, there are 24 subchapters on income tax (A - W), but our site quits in the middle of subchapter G. See the Cornerl site.[1]

Also, some sections are incomplete, for example Section 168 quits in the middle of 168(i) and never gets to 168(k).

Trillium (talk|edits) said:

8 December 2010
The IRC (which is a year or two out of date - see this for specifics) and all regs (which are hopelessly out of date) are, as I recall, scheduled to be re-imported in their entirety soon - I don't have any specific info on when, and I believe the timing is dependent on other activities at Intuit, but it is supposed to happen any time now.

I mention that first, so you know there might be reason to hope.

Then there's another, more recent, issue, which you bring up. Some of the longer articles on TaxAlmanac, including the table of contents for the IRC and also some of the IRC and Reg sections themselves, are not displaying some of their contents (generally, to the user it looks like the bottom of the page gets cut off). Tim has been digging into this problem, which is a relatively new issue, and believes he's determined why it has happened. He's developed a plan to restore the data that isn't showing, but that plan hasn't yet been able to be implemented. I think they need to test a few more things before they can restore everything. (I wonder, actually, if it may just make more sense to skip right to the re-import of the up-to-date IRC and regs, rather than restoring outdated info; if they do that, it could affect the timing a bit.)

You may find that those other subchapters on income tax (the rest of G to W) actually exist on the site, and it's just that they're not listed on the table of contents - since all of the TOC data beyond part of the Gs doesn't get displayed on-screen. So, if you can get to the page you needed another way (direct link, or via a search), the info you need might still be available on the site, just not as easily obtained. But even when you get in to the code details, you may find that there are pages that just stop in the middle, as you noted. It's generally a problem on the pages that have a lot of content.

Anyway - it's good for intuit to get feedback that shows that there *is* value in maintaining the code on this site. Until it's back, the Cornell site that you linked to is a good alternative for the IRC, and use the eCFR for the regs.

EasternPA (talk|edits) said:

8 December 2010

Thank you for the update and thanks for all the work you and others put into keeping this a viable center for learning and experience sharing.


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