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This page was active back before the TaxAlmanac discussion forums were created. To see information about the various discussion forums that do now exist, click on the "Discussion Forums" link in the main menu at the top left side of the page - it's the second link, just below the link for the main page.

TaxAlmanac doesn't currently have a discussion forum, but we're working on it! The closest thing we currently have would be the User Introduction page and the Ask or Answer a Tax Question page. We would love to get any feedback you might have on a discussion forum. Is this something you'd like to have? Do you have any ideas for features you'd like to see? If so, let us know below by simply clicking on the blue bar!

Individual email notification

Here are a couple thoughts:

1) Individual emails posted by participants can be sent to the other participants.
2) A daily summary of emails posted by participants can be sent to the other participants.
3) An email message can be sent to participants notifying them that someone has posted a message and provide a link for them to click on to "jump to" the TaxAlmanac website where they can instantly read the message.

--Gregg Gillaspy, CPA, CFP 09:24, 15 Oct 2005 (CDT)

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