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Harry Boscoe (talk|edits) said:

30 October 2010
This isn't really anything about income taxes so I'm gonna make it a tossup in the Chat. My good friend is a gummint worker - "a federale" he calls himself - and married to a foreigner (I don't know what status the foreigner is). They will be getting a divorce and I need to help them deal with my friend's TSP/FERS - whatever that is!! I think they want to split it somehow, but that's still I think up in the air.

Is there a superdooper website for this info? I've found some really dorky ones which is why I'm here groveling for a cite or a link or a helping hand.

Pink Pearl (talk|edits) said:

30 October 2010
www.opm.gov/retire/pre/fers/index.asp Try this./.don't know how to do the blue thing yet..you should move this to the tax page tho.

CrowJD (talk|edits) said:

30 October 2010
Harry, you may already have this, but in answer to one of my questions here a couple of years ago someone gave me www.tsp.gov.

Miltaxman (talk|edits) said:

1 November 2010
The TSP is essentially a 401(k) for government/military employees. Civilians get employer matching up to (I believe) 5%, while military does not. Contribution limits are the same as a 401(k) (including catch-up contributions).

Like CrowJD said, you can find some basic information on their website which was remodeled a couple of months ago.

In particular, you may want to check out this page on their site as it addresses how the TSP account may be divided during a divorce.

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