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CrowJD (talk|edits) said:

18 November 2012
Mix 8oz. of cold Gerolsteiner Sparkling Mineral Water with 1/2 tablespoon magnesium citrate, once a day.

You can buy magnesium citrate (liquid, in a small bottle) in the laxative section of your drugstore and it's usually super cheap. I paid $1.07 recently at the grocer. Magnesium citrate is a very good form of bioavailable magnesium, and this can be taken on an empty stomach. It's a lot more palatable when you mix it with the cold Gerolsteiner (which also contains Mg.).

Now check this against the price of SlowMag(TM) which is not cheap by any means. Also, even though SlowMag(TM) is completely safe according to our FDA, it does contain phthalates to help them dissolve slowly and some toxicologists are not wild about phthalates.

Plus I believe SlowMag(TM) uses Mg. Oxide, which is less bioavailable than the citrate.

If you have kidney problems, check with your doctor before you take any magnesium supplement.

Calcium, potassium and magnesium are very effective in the fight against high blood pressure, and magnesium is relatively hard to get from food, so I pass this secret on from my laboratories before I go on vacation.

Contact me when I get back for any details.

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