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Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

8 February 2014
The Eastern coast is sinking from Maine down to northern Florida. Actually, it is returning to its normal elevation after the last Ice Age; at the same time the land is sinking, the ocean is steadily rising and this will only get worse as the century proceeds.

Norfolk will probably be the first to go since it was hit by a meteorite 35 million years ago and it already sits in a humongous hole. Some parts of Norfolk are underwater today and it's a serious problem.

Sell your property to some idiot as soon as you can UNLESS you can't stand your children. If the latter is the case, then assure your children of a homestead that will last hundreds of years and encourage their delusions. If you like the area you live in, rebuild 2 or 3 miles inland. It will not work to put your house on stilts unless you can afford to build a bridge from where your driveway sits now a mile or two inland to where the new street will sit.

A Dutch hydrologist has been consulted and he said that it is possible to fix the problem; however, the fee they would have to charge would allow them to control the world like they once did long ago (you never know about the Dutch, they may still control the the world today, what with their banking prowess and penchant for saving). Proceed to live on the coast at your own risk.

Spell Czech (talk|edits) said:

8 February 2014
So, is "buying" ocean-front property on a land lease a good deal today?

Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

8 February 2014
Vietnamese friend of mine has suggested this very thing, as long as the lessee reserves fishing rights on the soon to be sunken land. The old houses make great fish habitat, and the Vietnamese throw highly questionable fish fertilizer over the plot and rake in the profits.

By the way, the mayor of Norfolk has freely admitted that his city is sinking under the waves but he says he or we will fix it. The Dutch say it is unfixable due to the meteor depression. What the mayor, or any future mayor, may not know is that according to old U.S. Navy law, laid down in Civil War times, and last mayor of Norfolk must go down with the town.

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