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Discussion:Date Stamp

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Bottom Line (talk|edits) said:

18 December 2006
Great site! I've noticed that sometimes the date stamp on the upper right of a posting shows as "December 18 2006" and sometimes as "18 December 2006". I know there's got to be a reason for this but can't imagine what it would be. I've also noticed that the date stamp runs ahead of actual time. It's 9:30 pm in Florida on Sunday December 17 but the date stamp shows as the 18th. No big deal but just curious. (Too much time on my hands :))

Lhhesscpa (talk|edits) said:

18 December 2006
The date format is a user preference. --Larry Hess, CPA | Albuquerque, NM - Talk to me

Tdoyle (talk|edits) said:

December 18, 2006
The date on the topic pages is based on UTC (previously called GMT), I believe. If we didn't pick a standard, then as people located in different time zones posted to a topic, the date would change back and forth. We could have selected CST or EST, or even PST, but it was programmatically easier to select UTC.

As far as the format goes - yes, that is based upon the format that you selected (or default if you didn't change it) in your preferences.

We thought about having the date, time, and format change dynamically based upon each viewer's preferences, but we realized that that would put too much of a strain on the servers, and that it really wasn't that important to do so.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 22:13, 17 December 2006 (CST)

Bottom Line (talk|edits) said:

19 December 2006
Thanks! Yes I'm nosy!!

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