Discussion:Billions Being Spent on Drones in Self Enslavement effort

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CrowJD (talk|edits) said:

25 November 2012
nbcnews.com has a report today that local jurisdictions are spending billions of your money on drones which will be used to enslave you and your grandchildren one day. Why?

B as in billions in a country which is supposedly dead broke. Again, why?

What good is the colonial militia against these drones? Don't say you can shoot them down. They'll get you in the end. They'll find you.

Even if they don't shoot you, they can loll around in the sky and spy on you all day long. I don't want my mayor to know everything there is to know about me. What if I want to run against him in the next election?

Oh, and I know they are not armed (for now anyway). They will never, never, never be used against the good Americans. I know that. I trust these guys.

It's your money people. Citizens, rise up against your chains! Honestly, I believe time is of the essence on this issue. Write your Congressman, write your Senator. Knuckle under and write the White House, even though I am very doubtful that they read all their Email. You can call these entities too.

IMO, we should reserve the use of drones for military or intelligence purposes in foreign lands. They should only be used over American territory during extreme emergencies, when directed to do so by the president, and there should be definitions and procedures for this written into U.S. law.

They'll start out with drones which can loll above your home for hours with almost zero noise (like a vulture), and before you'll know it they'll have a house fly or maybe a lady bug they can park in your den to keep an eye on you too.

You can guy a lot of junk for a billion of your dollars.

I might decide to take up sewing like Rosie Grier. I might decide to embroider pillow cases, who knows? I don't want my nosy town clerk to know I'm doing this. She already knows too much about me as it is. Lord, I don't want her to catch me while I'm doing my fine art painting while looking at lady models on the internet (for the sake of pure art, only).

Where can I be alone now? Law and order can be compatible, but perfect order means the death of law.

Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

25 November 2012
I know for a fact that the CIA has a drone now that is shaped like a crumb of lemon poppy seed cake. A crumb, people.

Each tiny poppy seed is a camera which beams back information to Langley on a 24 hour basis. Once the government plants one of these crumbs right next to the wall in the den, you are a goner. Hardly anyone uses all the attachments to their vacuum cleaner, though there are some oddballs out there who do, undoubtedly. Besides, in a few years, the crumb will be able to crawl back outside the vacuum cleaner bag, and reimplant itself next to the wall.

Can you imagine Daniel Boone or any of our other great men of old imprisoned by a crumb of poppy seed cake? There is no room for heroes in a world like this. Is this how the human experiment is to end, us enslaved by electronic cake crumbs?

Crow, I'll take up your cry now. Where can I be alone? For crying out loud, where can I just be alone with only my thoughts for company?

Podolin (talk|edits) said:

25 November 2012
B as in billions in a country which is supposedly dead broke If it ain't in the trillions, it's just in the rounding of the budget.

CrowJD (talk|edits) said:

25 November 2012
That's true. It's getting to where you can bury a billion dollars just about anywhere you want in the budget today. I don't even trust my town council any more.

I'll be d*mned if I'll be enslaved by a cake crumb or a lady bug.

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