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Illini (talk|edits) said:

5 March 2012
I've used Work Papers Plus for many moons now and it is and was a fantastically easy Trial Balance entry and Adjustments software I've ever seen. It was published by Creative Solutions and I think they sold out a long time ago to another larger company. It is good old fashioned basic debit and credit entry and organized in a very logical way for fast entry. I particularly liked their Working trial balance printout where you could pencil in all of your adjusting entries, type them in, and out spits a beautiful adjusted trial balance, P&L, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement. When I converted to Windows 7, the program got left out of the system -- the old Windows XP virtual screen operation is a pain and acts very glitchy at times. So last year I tried entering TBal info into QuickBooks and figured a work-around for the adjusting entries and year-end reversals, but it is too cumbersome, clunky, slow, and not very intuitive. I think I owe it to myself to shop for a new TBal program in the summer, learn to use it and gear it up for 2012 tax season. Please post your favorite T Bal software, why you like it, and approx. how much it costs. I am a one-man shop, so cost cannot be spread over the firm very efficiently, so cost is important to me. Thanks! PS -- The only people who really appreciate how good the Work Papers Plus program is have actually used it in the past ( I know because I met another fanatic who loves it (Work Papers Plus and was shopping around for a replacement, but could not find a good solution either.) Maybe there's something out there worth pursuing?

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