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Discussion Forum Index --> Advanced Tax Questions --> HSA-Sole Proprietor and Spouse

Discussion Forum Index --> Tax Questions --> HSA-Sole Proprietor and Spouse

JaMo200 (talk|edits) said:

20 February 2008
I think I've been through everything and can not find the answer to this. Can anybody help??? Here are the fact: Sole proprietor employs spouse as the only employee. Company has a group HDHP that covers the sole proprietor under single coverage and the spouse (employee) under family coverage. Husband is not covered under the spouse's health insurance. They each have separate HSA accounts.

1. Can the sole proprietorship contribute to the spouse's (employee's) HSA and deduct on line 14 of Schedule C as a fringe benefit?

2. If so, can the sole proprietorship contribute the maximum allowed under a family coverage plan (5800 for 2008) for the spouse and the sole proprietor take an above the line deduction for contributions to an HSA for single coverage HDHP since he is not covered under her plan?

I appreciate any insight anyone may have.


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