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Sandysea (talk|edits) said:

14 March 2006
This year my business has grown dramatically. I do quite a bit of downloads and use an ftp site to do so. It decreases the time that clients need to spend with me as they can send me files via ftp site to do some tax planning. I have a dedicated ftp site, but there are some that are free to users. They are:

streamload.com and yousendit.com. Both seem to work well.

I am also putting on my website a link to: support@sandyseacs.com. This will allow users to give me permission to remotely access their computers so I can make adjustments to their quickbooks, quicken, etc. files. This is a great tool and really assists in saving valuable time.

Thought I would share this with those who wish to know :)

JimS ME (talk|edits) said:

23 June 2006
Are you using secure FTP? I've been interested in having clients FTP data files, but am concerned about security.

Sandysea (talk|edits) said:

3 July 2006
Yes Jim I use a secure FTP site. In order to gain access, you have to have a unique username and/or password and then my system will alert me when anyone is attempting to place or retrieve anything off my ftp. I then have to grant permission to do so. I also backup my system on my ftp site daily or whenever I have worked on anything of importance. The dedicated ftp site has saved me virtually hundreds of hours and no lost disks or worrying about file size, etc.

Jimhirsch (talk|edits) said:

14 August 2006
Sandy, can you provide more info about FTP sites? How do you set up one? Approximate cost? What does ftp stand for? Do you attribute this to your growth? Are there other alternatives to ftp sites? How do you educate clients on how to use them? Thanks for your help.

Sandysea (talk|edits) said:

6 September 2006
Hi Jim...got your message and I will respond. My website is down right now and needs to be reconstructed unfortunately. The server I was using in NJ crashed and all their client's data was lost...mine included. I am now hosted through another server in California, but I have to recreate my site....sorry about the delay.

Setting up an FTP site is not difficult at all. On my dedicated server, I have the FTP site that I am paying 25.00 a month for. Luckily, my son is an IT administrator and has a business that does ftp sites, etc. I use ACE FTP Freeware to upload client information. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. I can transfer files easily and clients can just put the files on my site and then I can access them. I give each user a unique password where they can only view their own files, so each person's information is secure.

Education is very easy. I give my clients a link to the site via email and all they have to do is click on the link and they are in the site. They then just drag and drop items there and I have access to them no matter how large.

I also have with Tight VNC a support link that I give to clients where I can remotely access their computers. It is also freeware and it beats anything that windows offers such as gotomypc.com and pcanywhere. All they do is double click the link and it sends me an email that they want me to connect; boom I am connected.

I do think this helps grow a business as I have many clients who are out of town and it is easy to get me information ASAP.

I can put you in touch with my son if you would like to know more about the technical side of it. I have found it to be the best thing for me and my clients actually love it!!

Jimhirsch (talk|edits) said:

7 September 2006
Sandy, Thank you so much for the information. It is very helpful. I am going to look into all these items. You have given me a great start. After I become more knowledgeable regarding these starting points I will re-contact you if I have questions that your son could answer. I am currently reading a technical book that I think may help you as well as others. It is very informative with a lot of help and no fluff. It's title is "How to Be a Successful Internet Consultant" by Jessica Keyes. It sights numerous web sites that have good information for us. Your son would probably love it. I hope it helps you and others. Thanks again for your kind help, Sandy.

Sandysea (talk|edits) said:

7 September 2006
You are welcome Jim!! Oh my son would LOVE it....I will tell him about it next time he calls (and doesn't ask for money that is...hehe). With the age of wifi's and other goodies to let us access our data almost anywhere, it makes good sense to give our clients a way to let them easily get us information without having a "visit". We are hurried and rushed in every area of our lives and this just gives us one more avenue to have a bit more time. Speaking of....got to run...too busy to enjoy the sunset...NOW THAT IS TOOOO BUSY!!!

Jimhirsch (talk|edits) said:

15 September 2006

I think I would like to contact your son. It sounds like he could help eith the IT side of the FTP issue, etc. Could you give me his Phone # and contact info, as applicable? Thanks for your continued help. Jim H.

Sandysea (talk|edits) said:

15 September 2006
You are most welcome Jim.

His name is Bill Cadwallader. He lives and works in the Orlando, Florida area. You can also reach him by email at hurbold@yahoo.com

I know he will be able to help you and I believe that you will find that he is one of the best IT people in Florida if not elsewhere....not only my opinion, but of course my opinion...I RAISED HIM...hehe

Any help you need, please let me know Jim. Great meeting you :)

Jimhirsch (talk|edits) said:

22 September 2006
Thank you very much for the info Sandy. It is great meeting you too.

Sandysea (talk|edits) said:

22 September 2006
Thank you Jim....this forum helps in more ways than one, no? Off to Maine I go this weekend :)

Natalie (talk|edits) said:

July 4, 2007
Sandy, how does the remote access work? Does the client need to be by the computer for it to work? If you are accessing their files, does that prohibit your client from using the computer?

Sbamkmfdmdfmk (talk|edits) said:

16 October 2007
A great free FTP program I use is Cerberus FTP server - if you're using a router it'll take a bit of technical know-how to set up but the program itself does have great flexibility for being freeware! You can of course set up usernames/passwords for your clients and set up different folder routings, etc.

Xjessie007 (talk|edits) said:

5 August 2011
In any case, I would suggest using secure FTP (sFTP).
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