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Newtaxguy (talk|edits) said:

28 December 2007
Hi Tim,

Here's a thought about searching.

Currently when I do a keyword search (say on keyword "1031") I get back the first 20 instances of "Article Title Matches" and the first 20 instances of "Article Content Matches".

For both of these, it would be useful to get the same summary information that is displayed for each discussion when I first enter a discussion form..., namely: Topic ↑↓ Views ↑↓ Replies ↑↓ Creator ↑↓ Last Poster ↑↓ Last Post ↑↓

With this information I can see which of the dozens of 1031 exchange discussions generated the most activity. Also I might know that I checked this topic a month ago and wish to see if there are new discussions or new input since I last looked into this topic. Otherwise I have to visit each discussion to determine this. If I don't have a lot of time, I prefer to be able to select the discussions to focus on that offer me the most information.

Now that i think of it, it would also be helpful if there were a field in the summary (above) to identify when the "creator" first created this discussion.


The New Tax Guy

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