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Welcome to TaxAlmanac and thank you for considering sharing your information! There are many simple ways for you to help out on the site. We highly encourage you to review some of the ways you can help that are listed on this page and jump right in.

Have you thought about sharing information about yourself on the User Introduction page or your own user page?

What's in it for me?

Why should you take the time to contribute your time and knowledge to TaxAlmanac? Because we believe that this site can be a great benefit to everyone in the tax community, but only if people like you help to create an active, vibrant community. It's going to take a few brave souls to jump in and make an edit here, add a sentence there, and eventually flesh out some of the topic pages that currently exist. We really need you to edit, comment, and add your experience. We believe we all get smarter by working together. When you edit existing articles, or add new ones, you add something to the whole community. Learn more about how you personally benefit by adding content to TaxAlmanac!

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Help with Contributing


Ways you can Contribute

  • Improve one of the stub topics. These are pages which have been started, but need your help! Anything you can add to these pages would be a great benefit to others. These articles generally start as answers to tax questions from your peers. You can help here by improving the response and forming it into an article.
  • Answer questions that have been submitted on the Ask or Answer a Tax Question page.
  • Have a passion for a topic? Add a new article. It's really very easy, and there are many ways to do it.
  • See something that isn't quite right, or could be better? Find an existing article by searching or browsing and select the "edit" link at the top to update or improve the article.
  • Add a comment to any topic's talk page. To go to the talk page, simply select the discussion link (look for it in the tabs above the page). Then select the "edit" link at the top of that page.
  • Submit feedback - tell us what you like or don't like about TaxAlmanac.

Expectations for Articles

A contributed article does not necessarily have to equal the form and substance of an article you would see in a professional publication. Any contribution educating the TaxAlmanac community about some piece of tax theory or practice would adequately qualify as an article. Here are some basic guidelines on the qualifications of an article:

  • Length - an article can range from several sentences to many paragraphs.
  • Formality - an article can range from being informal and conversational to publication quality.
  • Substance - an article can range from sharing a tip about business automobiles to a dissertation on the pros and cons of a flat tax system.
  • Citations - you do not need to provide citations for your sources (Internal Revenue Code, etc.), but they do help the community.
  • Types of articles - short summary of new regulation, example of tax scenario, commentary about new tax law, tax planning tip, audit experience, etc.
  • Collaboration - TaxAlmanac is designed for articles to be edited by users other than just the original author. Consequently, an article may be refined or elaborated upon by others who have valuable information to share on a topic. You may also edit and improve articles submitted by other users. This is the primary tool that sharpens and improves the content on TaxAlmanac.

Examples of Articles

Topical articles can vary quite a bit in length and complexity. Here are some examples of contributed articles:

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