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This category will be used to identify any outdated or non-informative (dead-end) discussions that should be moved by the robot into the "archive" section of the site when it is established later this year (2010).

To add this category to a discussion, click the "edit this page" tab, and at the top of the discussion, and look for

<!-- Add categories below this line -->

Right under that line, paste this, including the double square brackets at either end:

[[Category: Archive]]

You do not need to add a post to the discussion to do this, and in fact it's best that you do not, since adding a post bumps the discussion back to the top of the discussion forum index and makes it active again.

Note: the following discussions will be moved to the "archive" section automatically, once it's set up, and therefore these discussions do not need to be marked as "archive" category:

  • questions with no responses
  • discussions that are older than a certain date (date TBD, and some old discussions that have proven perennially useful will be retained in the tax forum and not archived), or
  • discussions that are in the consumer forum.

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D cont.

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