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Internal Revenue Bulletin:

2008-16 April 21, 2008

Announcement 2008-33

Stock Transfer Rules: Carryover of Earnings and Taxes



Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Treasury.


Correction to final regulations.


This document contains a correction to final regulations (T.D. 9273, 2006-2 C.B. 394) that were published in the Federal Register on Tuesday, August 8, 2006 (71 FR 44887) addressing the carryover of certain tax attributes, such as earnings and profits and foreign income tax accounts, when two corporations combine in a corporate reorganization or liquidation that is described in both sections 367(b) and 381 of the Internal Revenue Code.


This correction is effective March 18, 2008.


Jeffrey L. Parry at (202) 622-3050 (not a toll-free number).



The final regulations (T.D. 9273) that are the subject of this correction are under section 367(b) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Need for Correction

As published, final regulations (T.D. 9273) contain errors that may prove to be misleading and are in need of clarification.

* * * * *

Correction of Publication

Accordingly, 26 CFR part 1 is corrected by making the following correcting amendment:


Paragraph 1. The authority citation for part 1 continues to read, in part, as follows:

Authority: 26 U.S.C. 7805 * * *

Par. 2. Section 1.367(b)-6 is amended by revising paragraph (a)(1) to read as follows:

§ 1.367(b)-6 Effective dates and coordination

rules. (a) Effective date. (1) In general. Except as otherwise provided in this paragraph (a)(1), §§ 1.367(b)-1 through 1.367(b)-5, and this section, apply to section 367(b) exchanges that occur on or after February 23, 2000. The rules of §§ 1.367(b)-3 and 1.367(b)-4, as they apply to reorganizations described in section 368(a)(1)(A) (including reorganizations described in section 368(a)(2)(D) or (E)) involving a foreign acquiring or foreign acquired corporation, apply only to transfers occurring on or after January 23, 2006. Section 1.367(b)-4(b)(1)(ii) applies to all triangular reorganizations and reorganizations described in section 368(a)(1)(G) and (a)(2)(D) occurring on or after January 23, 2006, although taxpayers may apply § 1.367(b)-4(b)(1)(ii) to triangular B reorganizations occurring on or after February 23, 2000, in a taxable year that is not closed by the period of limitations if done consistently with respect to all such triangular B reorganizations. The second sentence of paragraph (a) in § 1.367(b)-4 shall apply to section 304(a)(1) transactions occurring on or after February 23, 2006; however, taxpayers may rely on this sentence for all section 304(a)(1) transactions occurring in open taxable years. Section 1.367(b)-1(c)(2)(v), (c)(3)(ii)(A), (c)(4)(iv), (c)(4)(v), 1.367(b)-2(j)(1)(i), (l), and 1.367(b)-3(e) and (f), apply to section 367(b) exchanges that occur on or after November 6, 2006. For guidance with respect to § 1.367(b)-1(c)(3)(ii)(A) and (c)(4)(iv) and (v) and § 1.367(b)-2(j)(1)(i) for exchanges that occur before November 6, 2006, see 26 CFR part 1 revised as of April 1, 2006.

* * * * *

LaNita Van Dyke,
Branch Chief,
and Regulations Branch,
Legal Processing Division,
Associate Chief Counsel
(Procedure and Administration).


(Filed by the Office of the Federal Register on March 17, 2008, 8:45 a.m., and published in the issue of the Federal Register for March 18, 2008, 73 F.R. 14386)

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