Announcement 2006-97

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Internal Revenue Bulletin:

2006-50 December 11, 2006

Announcement 2006-97

Correction of Announcement 2006-61 Fast Track Settlement For SB/SE Taxpayers



This announcement provides the correct contact information for further information regarding Announcement 2006-61, 2006-36 I.R.B. 390, Fast Track Settlement for SB/SE Taxpayers. In that announcement, interested persons were instructed to contact either Thomas S. Ryan, SB/SE Program Analyst or Nancy J. Talajkowski, Appeals Program Analyst, Tax Policy & Procedure (Alternative Dispute Resolution). The telephone number published for Thomas S. Ryan was incorrect. The correct telephone number is (757) 213-3810 (not a toll-free number). The remainder of the contact information is correct as originally published.

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