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Internal Revenue Bulletin 2006-33
August 14, 2006

Announcement 2006-53

Computer Software Under Section 199(c)(5)(B); Hearing


Internal Revenue Service, Treasury.


Change of location for public hearing.


This document provides a change of location for a public hearing on proposed regulations (REG-111578-06, 2006-24 I.R.B. 1060) under section 199 of the Internal Revenue Code. The regulations provide a deduction for income attributable to domestic production activities to certain transactions involving computer software.


The public hearing is being held on Tuesday, August 29, 2006, at 10 a.m.


The public hearing was originally being held in the IRS Auditorium, Internal Revenue Building, 1111 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, DC. The hearing location has changed. The public hearing will be held in the IRS Auditorium (New Carrollton location), 5000 Ellin Road, Lanham, MD 20706.


Guy R. Traynor, (202) 622-7180 or Richard Hurst at


The subject of the public hearing is a notice of proposed rulemaking (REG-111578-06) that was published in the Federal Register on Thursday, June 1, 2006 (71 FR 31128).

The rules of 26 CFR 601.601(a)(3) apply to the hearing. Persons who submitted written comments by August 30, 2006, and outlines by August 8, 2006, may present oral comments at the hearing.

A period of 10 minutes is allotted to each person for presenting oral comments. The IRS will prepare an agenda containing the schedule of speakers. Copies of the agenda will be made available, free of charge, at the hearing.

Guy R. Traynor,
Chief, Publications and Regulations Branch,
Legal Processing Division,
Associate Chief Counsel
(Procedure and Administration).

Note (Filed by the Office of the Federal Register on July 28, 2006, 8:45 a.m., and published in the issue of the Federal Register for July 31, 2006, 71 F.R. 43085)

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